This corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

Compassion House provides contemplative care and compassionate companions to individuals who are actively dying and their loved ones. Compassion House is a home and a community that serves people from all walks of life and supports the emotional and spiritual needs of families from all religious traditions, including those with no religious affiliation.


  1. Compassion House is an interfaith organization than respects and honors each person’s choices about spirituality.
  1. Compassion House will exhibit a “generosity of spirit” that goes beyond the personal beliefs of the employees and volunteers.  A person representing Compassion House will be mindful that others may have different individual faith views and practices.
  1. Compassion House will offer a home that is designed to offer a setting based on contemplative (attentive, mindful, compassionate) care for those who are dying and their family and friends.
  1. Compassion House’s goal is to accommodate those who need a place to be as they are dying and are receiving their medical care through a licensed hospice agency.  Compassion House employees and volunteers will follow the plan of care established by the guest, his or her family, or the Medical Power of Attorney, and the hospice provider in charge of her/his medical care.
  1. Compassion House honors the right of each person to live and serve in a welcoming, safe, comfortable home receiving compassionate, respectful care.