Compassion House is  a home. It will be a home for our friends and neighbors who are near the end of life and who have decided to stop all curative medical procedures.  The staff and volunteers at Compassion House will provide warmhearted companionship, comfort care measures, and the necessities of daily living to those who need us during this time of their life.

Compassion House can only exist and provide this necessary service with the generous and steadfast support of the community in which we exist.

All services to the guests who live in our home are provided free of charge. No third party entities are billed.

Services are provided to our guests based solely on acuity of need without regard to race, gender, gender identity, religion, spiritual path, or financial status.

The small scale of homes of like Compassion House ( 3-5 beds) allows for highly individualized services. All spiritual traditions are honored. The desire for a conscious death is respected. Our  goal is to make our guests feel at home, We strive to replace fear and loneliness with comfort, love and compassionate care.

All of our guests are also served by one of the many fine hospice providers in our area. Our guest’s  individualized plan of care is determined by the guest themselves in consultation with their loved ones and in close collaboration with their hospice provider.

Our end of life doula-trained staff and volunteers can help the dying person and their loved ones plan for the final days and hours.  Would they like music in their bedroom? Or silence? Would they like their dear pet with them? Will there be a final ritual? Would our guest like some help with legacy planning? Frank and open, nonjudgmental discussion about death and dying is always available at Compassion House.

Why Does Atlanta need Compassion House?

Most of us would prefer to die at home, surrounded by beloved family and friends and  in a comfortable and familiar environment. Unfortunately, the statistics show that few of us are able to do that.

We, at Compassion House, support this ideal goal of dying at home. That is what we want for ourselves! But sometimes this is just not possible.

Some of us die suddenly and unexpectedly. Some of us die in a hospital or extended care facility.

The metropolitan Atlanta area is blessed to have many wonderful hospice providers available to our community members. They provide excellent care to their patients. But, in-patient hospice beds are scarce. In fact, several large hospices have closed their inpatient beds within recent months.

At home hospice care is optimal. But data from 2015 show that on average a hospice provider is with their dying patient around 14 minutes per day! During the last 7 days of life this number increases to 32 minutes per day. The client loads for hospices care providers and chaplains are huge and barely manageable.

But what if we have no family or friends who can care for us the other many hours of the day?  What if we have no suitable home ? What if we have no home at all?

In this highly mobile modern society, our family may live many miles away. We may have no family.  We may have outlived our friends!

Our founders and Board Members have had many discussions with social workers and home care providers. They tell us that there are many people in our community who have no access to supportive care in their homes…if they have any home at all. We have received nothing but support and encouragement from others working in the field of end of life care.

This is where Compassion House may be able to help. Our home is available to people in this predicament. We are there to provide all of the care that would be provided by family and friends if the they were there. We provide a safe, comfortable home with caring and well trained staff and volunteers who provide physical assistance, nourishment, and non-judgmental compassionate friendship and support.