Consider Donating to the Compassion House for Living & Dying

Compassionate Care sounds wonderful, right? The supporters of Compassion House for Living & Dying (CH) feel that being cared for in a manner that supports all people with love and dignity is something humans should strive to do for all, as a basic human right. As advocates for this essential human right, the board of Compassion House invites you to partner in this life affirming project to open a community home in the metro-Atlanta area. We have design plans, mentors, consultants, and passionate volunteers ready to implement our vision of a human-scale, sacred haven for those in need of a place to die while being cared for with love and dignity. We have passion, motivation, dedication to and for this important community work.

Now we are asking the broader community for their financial support.

In 2019, our dream is to open a community home for those who are dying and in need of a place to go and be cared for until death. This is a 100% donation run organization and we need your support. We welcome all levels of support. All gifts work together to get us to our destination. We are grateful for your accompaniment on this journey of compassion. Thank you for your gift in every form, whether prayer, volunteering, or financial contributions. With hope and faith, we look forward to the work ahead creating a place of compassion for a life in journey.