What is Compassion House for Living & Dying?

Compassion House for Living & Dying (CHFLD) is a non-profit organization specializing wholeheartedly in end-of-life care. We are the first of this type of non-profit in the Atlanta metro area. Yes, Compassion House (CHFLD) is distinctive and it is our vision to be part of the much-needed infrastructure upon which civic palliative care can build. Remembering the critical importance of civic and cultural context is fundamental to our work at Compassion House. Two successful community listening sessions sponsored by Compassionate Atlanta that were held this past spring and summer of 2018 have truly inspired us, as the support for our vision grows with initial donations and offers of volunteer support. Compassion House will serve in those situations when for various reasons, people who are near end of life need another care alternative.

How does this work?

Compassion House will be a home staffed with professional caregivers, and trained volunteers who provide continual personal care of its guests. Caring for people who need a home to go to and a family to care for them as they spend their precious final days among us. We hope to replace fear and uncertainty with love, compassion. We recognize that we all have our own unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs especially at this time of life. Local hospices implement the medical plan of care for the guests as part of the overall approach in providing a home environment with dignity and compassion at end of life. Compassion House residential services are provided free of charge. Costs for care provided by hospices are commonly paid by Medicare, personal insurance or other ways.

How is it possible for Compassion House to provide care at no cost?

Compassion House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. It receives no government financial support and relies solely on the compassionate support of others. This financial support comes from individual donations, foundations and corporate giving, memorials and bequests. In-kind giving, and the dedication and many services provided by volunteers will offset significant operating expenses.

How does one become a guest?

Anyone can make a referral request for admission. Our criteria for admission facilitate and help determine if Compassion House is the best alternative in each case. We provide a warm, welcoming home environment including access to kitchen, and dining areas for friends and family.

What are the goals for 2019 for Compassion House?

Looking forward to 2019, in order to create a community of supporters and caregivers that provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support through life’s final journey, we want to identify and secure a home. This is meant to be a human scale operation and as members of Omega House Network we see our future Compassion House nestled in a local community taking on our first guests. We are getting ready in various ways to be a home where men and women receive care at the end of their lives, a home that welcomes guests who receive hospice services from visiting hospice agencies.
If you are able, we’d love it if you could donate any amount to help us achieve our mission to secure a home and a circle of support to bring compassionate end-of-life care to dying loved ones and their families.
Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go towards a capital investment for a physical structure, salaries for caretakers to provide care and comfort lovingly and the amenities need to make Compassion House a sacred refuge at end of life.