Can you tell me more about this model of end of life care?

Prior to this era of sophisticated and life sustaining medicine, end of life care was provided by the community: friends and neighbors looked after friends and neighbors during this most stressful and vulnerable time. But even now, there does come a time at which medical intervention is no longer helpful or needed. We, at Compassion House, feel that, then, it is once again the responsibility of our community to provide direct care and comfort to our dying friends.

A good many of us will be able to stay in our homes surrounded by loved ones and served by professional hospice workers. Some of us will not be so fortunate. Some of us will have not place to be. No place to feel safe, comfortable and cared for. Compassion House for Living and Dying will be that place.

Compassion House is part of a growing movement toward a more personal and individualized and community-based approach to end of life care for those in need. The Omega Home Network is a national organization that supports homes such as Compassion House for Living and Dying and is a leader in this movement.

At the current time Compassion House for Living and Dying is the only such home in development in the entire southeastern US.

Compassion House for Living and Dying is an active member of this organization. Our Board’s Vice President was a featured speaker at Omega Home Network’s annual meeting in June 2019.

Their website is : Visit their website to learn about other similar homes that are operational and in development across the USA.

Who provides care at Compassion House?

Compassion House for Living and Dying will be staffed by a professional paid staff who are trained in bedside care as well as in the provision of mindful and compassionate psychological support of our guests and their loved ones. Care is provided 24/7.

Our staff will be supported by a pool of well trained, highly vetted, and very committed volunteers. Our heavy reliance on volunteer support allows us to keep our personnel costs low while still providing for individualized and steadfast support of our guests.

Our Board of Directors, our staff, and our volunteers are committed to a sincere policy of radical generosity of spirit who serve all of our guests without judgement and who see it as a precious honor to be of service to our friends who are near the end of life.

We at CHFLD are well aware that this type work while being so very rewarding can also be stressful. On going compassion and resilience training and mindful emotional support will be available to our staff and volunteers on an ongoing basis.

How is it possible for Compassion House to provide care at no cost to our guests?

Compassion House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.We receives no Medicare or Medicaid payments nor do we bill any other third party payers. Our financial support comes exclusively from individual donations, grants, corporate giving, memorials and bequests. In-kind giving, and the dedication and many services provided by volunteers will offset our operating expenses and allow the large bulk of funds to be directed to guest care and services.

Who will be a guest at Compassion House?

All of our guests must be an established client of an area hospice provider. Referrals will come from the hospice provider. Our guests will be people who have been determined to have a life expectancy of 60 days or less. They will also have made the firm decision to forgo any medical treatments other than those for comfort only. Compassion House staff and volunteers provide only non-medical treatments other than administration of pain medications under the orders and supervision of the hospice provider. All referrals will be evaluated by our Executive Director and/or House Manager and beds will be opened based on availability and acuity of need.

What are the goals for 2019 for Compassion House?

Looking forward to 2019, in order to create a community of supporters and caregivers that provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support through life’s final journey, we want to identify and secure a home. This is meant to be a human scale operation and as members of Omega House Network we see our future Compassion House nestled in a local community taking on our first guests. We are getting ready in various ways to be a home where men and women receive care at the end of their lives, a home that welcomes guests who receive hospice services from visiting hospice agencies.
If you are able, we’d love it if you could donate any amount to help us achieve our mission to secure a home and a circle of support to bring compassionate end-of-life care to dying loved ones and their families.
Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go towards a capital investment for a physical structure, salaries for caretakers to provide care and comfort lovingly and the amenities need to make Compassion House a sacred refuge at end of life.